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Dam Daved

on Jul 30, 2021 | projects

Charger Red Eye

Our client lives a lifestyle we all dream of. Fast cars, and a lot of respect. He wanted us to wrap his Charger in a way that no one could ever forget. After collaborating on a design, we sprung into action.

We paid homage to his previous Charger by wrapping this new, much more powerful Red Eye in the same yellow his original vehicle was! What better way to respect the past while paving the way for the future?

We know red and yellow is a pretty loud combination of colors, so we KNEW we had to make them mesh together seamlessly. We custom printed a gradient between the two colors to help blend them in the areas that didn't have a giant badass sabertooth. Oh. Yeah. We also have a giant badass sabertooth on both sides, printed on red chrome.

Our client knew that he had to do something loud and impressive to his ride, so he hit us up knowing that we could handle it. He knows the hellcat is a symbol to be feared, but he wanted to kick it up a notch. With a giant sabertooth on either side of the car, he fears no hellcat. The original apex predator, with teeth out and ready to eat anyone who stands in it's way -- this is a RED EYE.

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